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Jesus is the Cornerstone of the Church. Psalm 118:22-23 reads as follows, “The stone rejected by the builders has now become the Cornerstone. This is the Lord’s doing, it is marvelous in our eye.”
We, the members of Cornerstone Baptist Community Church, are intentional about growing stronger in our tenets and doctrines.  We work diligently in our community and beyond, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   We stand up for equality in all aspects of life – whether it is freedom of religion or employment and education equality.  We stand for universal human rights and total human liberation. 
Situated in the heart of Temple Hills, Maryland, we are neighbors to other Maryland cities as well as many residents in the District of Columbia and Virginia area.  As a part of this community, we are concerned with the welfare of our neighbors, both spiritually and physically.  Our mission is to disseminate the Word of God to all of His people.
As of October 2021, God has blessed this church for 55 years!  God is everywhere.  He does not stop by Cornerstone now and then, He resides in the church.  Although the road was often bumpy, God carried us through many storms, keeping His promise never to leave nor forsake us!
In 1955, our fellowship began at the Old Bank Building located at 512 8th Street in Southeast Washington, D.C.  Here, the First Baptist Church of Southeast, under the leadership of Reverend Raymond Randall, was established. 
In 1965, Reverend Harold E. King was called to minister to the congregation of the First Baptist Church of Southeast.  After many trials, tribulations and church splits, from one church came a total of four – Randall Memorial Church; Mt. Nebo Baptist Church and New Light Baptist Church, and First Baptist Church of Southeast.
Reverend King served for several years without financial compensation.  He would even surrender offerings and donations he received from engagements at other churches to the First Baptist Church of Southeast.  The pastor, officers, members and friends would make loans to the church to purchase the building located at 1100 Bladensburg Road, Northeast.  In October 1966, First Baptist Church of Southeast changed its name to Cornerstone Baptist Church in Christ. 
The building on Bladensburg Road required major repairs to comply with the District of Columbia code.  Financial assistance was received from several organizations including the District Baptist Convention, Missionary Circle, as well as members and clubs of the church.  God would not forsake us.
In August of 1970, trusted friend Reverend Diggs, told Reverend King about a property that may become available.  This property was located at 5090 Dixon Street, Temple Hills, MD.  Negotiations began between the Presbytery of Washington City and the planning committee of Cornerstone Baptist Church.  After several meetings, an agreement was reached to pool the resources of the two denominations and form a church union that would function in the Baptist denomination doctrine.  In January 1971, the congregation of Cornerstone Baptist Church began worshiping in this location.
In 1990, the Lord made it possible for us to purchase this property at 5090 Dixon Street--now 3636 Dixon Street--where we presently congregate and worship. In 1991, Cornerstone Baptist Church in Christ was renamed Cornerstone Baptist Community Church.
On May 19, 1999, after many years of dedicated service to Cornerstone Baptist Community Church, our beloved founding Pastor and friend Reverend Harold E. King went home to be with the Lord. The legacy of Pastor Harold E. King lives on in our hearts. Reverend King often told us.  “Unity produces strength, but division brings about weakness.”

We were then blessed with Reverend Dr. J. W. Moses who functioned as interim pastor for seven years.  He renewed interest in Bible Study and constantly reminded us that, “Many saints have sinners’ problems!”
In December 2006, God blessed us by sending a shepherd in the person of Pastor Charles W. Bynum II.  Since Pastor Bynum has become our pastor he has stressed the importance of learning and growing by the Word of the Lord.  To attend the church services and to become involved in the ministries of the church. 
He established a New Life Class to facilitate teaching the tenets and doctrine of our faith;  he has facilitated increasing the leadership and opportunities for others; baptized many souls; counseled many couples and united many in marriage; he established the Ministry of Christian Education; Mentoring Ministry; Intergenerational Ministry; Youth Prayer Breakfast; joined the Progressive National Baptist Convention; Baptist of DC and Vicinity; established a Youth Orientation Ministry; built a new room; established Ministry of Music and Arts - Drama, Dance and Drums; established an Audio Visual Ministry and built a sound booth;  remodeled the kitchen; purchased new pulpit furniture and Communion table; created a community fellowship - Community at the Cross; established Family Day Ministry; fostered many relationships with churches in the Baptist and Christian community; established a community outreach ministry - Cornerstone on Your Corner; all the while receiving an award for Pastor of the Year 2018 from Washington Baptist Seminary.
Pastor Bynum loves to preach and loves to teach!  He believes each person must know who Jesus is; what Jesus has done and can do, and understand the teachings of Jesus.  He affirms this knowledge of Jesus cannot and must not be just superficial, but must reflect an intimate, personal knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Under his leadership Cornerstone Baptist Community Church has flourished--many people have been called to the Body of Christ.
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