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Pastor Charles W. Bynum, II Biography

​Reverend Charles W. Bynum, II was born in Washington, DC.  His parents, Charles W., and Idella E. Bynum

raised him in Arlington Virginia.

While attending Wakefield High School at the age of 15 he met his wife,

Denitra Ann Hall. Ten years later, February 13, 1988, they were joined in Holy Matrimony.  From this

union, they were blessed with three children: Charles William III, Indasha Amira, and Dominique Hall.

Reverend Bynum’s secular vocation was a Certified Pharmacy Technician until early retirement in 2006; he

worked for Kaiser Permanente eighteen years.

In June 2001, Reverend Bynum graduated from the Washington Baptist Seminary in Washington DC, while

leading as Student Council President; he earned a four-year diploma in Christian Theology. In May 2003,

Reverend Bynum received his Bachelor of Theology from Richmond Virginia Seminary. In May 2018, he

received a Master’s in Pastoral Theology, and in May 2021, another Master of Divinity degree from

Washington Baptist Theological Seminary.

In April 2004, Reverend Bynum was ordained for Pastoral Ministry by an ordaining council of the Northern

Virginia Baptist Association at the recommendation of the St. John’s Baptist Church.  He served as assistant

to the Pastor at St John’s Baptist Church, while simultaneously serving as the assistant to the Interim Pastor

at Cornerstone Baptist Community Church.  By the grace of God, Reverend Bynum was called to serve the

Cornerstone Baptist Community Church as the pastor and was installed on December 10, 2006.

Reverend Bynum has numerous affiliations and positions:

  • Member of the Lott Carey Foreign Mission

  •  Member of The Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC)

  •  Serves as a PNBC National Youth Advisor

  •  Serves the PNBC Executive Board Member of Mission

  •  Serves as PNBC Eastern Region as Mission Director

  •  Member of the Missionary Baptist Minister’s Conference of DC and Vicinity

  •  Member of the Executive Board of the Baptist Convention of DC and Vicinity

  •  Serves as a Member of the Trustee Board of the Washington Baptist Theological Seminary.

  •  Member of the Temple Hills Coalition of Pastors.

  • Most of all he is a child of God who knows he was born to worship and magnify the name of his Savior who is Jesus Christ. Pastor Bynum believes that the greatest experiences in life are those where we appreciate God’ amazing grace and where we communicate God’s amazing Love.

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