The SONday School


The SONday School is organized to teach the tenets of our faith according to the Gospel of Christ to maintain the worship of God, and to help inspire in all persons a love for Christ and a consciousness of our duties to God and all our sisters and brothers in Christ. We dedicate our lives to the work of Christ and to demonstrate a Christian Spirit through our worship, witnessing, and ministry of the needs of the people and the surrounding community. We achieve this by communicating the life-changing power of Jesus Christ in a practical and understanding way; to help develop the Holy Spirit atmosphere, productive and empowered Christians: equipping them for ministry as they become a part of God’s family, in order to magnify His name.


Ministry Leader:  Superintendent Sister Marie Garner Williams  Voice: 301-894-7998  Email:


 New Life Discipleship Training


Two-month cycles for each subject. Completion after two (2) years.


1. Trinity - Explain that to me, please?

2. What is a Christian - How do I do it?

3. What is the Church - Why should I be connected?

4. Keys of the Kingdom - What is my advantage and tools:

  •    Prayer

  •    Praise

  •    Worship

  •    Study

5. How to read the Bible - Learn them in order and groupings. How to find Scripture and
understand it - OT/NT, Major/Minor Prophets, Literature, Allegory, History, Context, Torah,


6. Spiritual Gifts- How do I help and connect and do my part as a Christian in the Kingdom. Nine
(9) gifts 
are given to the church.


This is a two-year cycle and training course that every new Christian must take in order to really invest properly into the grace and mercies that God has afforded. These are Six basic topics that every Christian must know in order to live the Christian Life.


Great opportunity for Pastor and family to share and interact. Questions and answers paced for learning.


Meeting times every 1st and 3rd Sunday Morning during the Sonday School hour 9:30 – 10:30 am.

Situated in the heart of Temple Hills, MD, we are a neighbor to many residents in the Green Valley Community. We are progressive in our tenets and doctrines, and we believe Jesus is the Cornerstone of the Church.

3636 Dixon Street

Temple Hills, MD 20748

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